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Vertebrae Launches Mobile Web AR Advertising Suite Unlocking Immersive Marketing Opportunities for Brands Across Industries

Vertebrae, the native ad platform for augmented and virtual reality and 360 video, today announced the release of its new mobile Web AR advertising suite. The AR ad units work across the mobile Web via Chrome and Safari browsers, giving advertisers instant scale to reach hundreds of millions people across the globe.

Vertebrae’s expanded augmented reality offering currently features five mobile Web AR ad templates — Virtual Try On (like the Ray Ban example), Dynamic Experience Mask (facial recognition), Interior World View (inside 360 image/video), Interactive 3D Object, a Portal, and swipeable static branded filters — with plans for several more.

“We see so much room for growth with the limitless scale the mobile Web offers, and we are creating the AR advertising templates through which the industry will take shape,” said Vince Cacace, founder and CEO at Vertebrae. “As we execute more campaigns in verticals like automotive, games, retail, travel and hospitality, and more, we’ll have an ever-expanding rolodex of mobile Web AR templates for advertisers to choose from.”

From its inception, Vertebrae was built to support virtual and augmented advertising for the next generation of immersive media; and now with the release of iOS 11 and months of platform development, the company added AR to its suite of immersive media ad and monetization products.

AR advertising needs to have utility and provide an engaging and personalized experience for a consumer on the path to purchase. That’s why Vertebrae developed a turnkey and accessible cross-platform solution for advertisers that want to take advantage of all AR has to offer.

“Now is the time for mobile AR, and immersive media more broadly, and it will be exciting to see which companies take advantage,” added Cacace. “Brands can capitalize on AR advertising at scale right away. Advertisers will have a field day due to the personalized experiences consumers can have with products. Imagine trying on a pair of Ray-Ban’s, or seeing what a new Mazda looks like in your driveway– without physically having either product.”

Cacace concluded: “The long-term goal for Vertebrae is to be the monetization platform for immersive media. But in the short-term what that means is powering VR, 360-video and augmented reality ads over the web.”

About Vertebrae

Vertebrae is the monetization engine for immersive media — spanning augmented and virtual reality and 360 video. Our native advertising tools leverage the transcendent nature of AR and VR storytelling with a range of fully immersive and interactive ad units. The Vertebrae platform is hardware agnostic, making AR/VR and 360 video experiences turnkey for advertisers and accessible for consumers across all headsets and on Web/mobile.

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