Time Inc.’s Proprietary Native Video Ads Adapt to Any Device

A successful video ad strategy has to adapt to the times. Time Inc. is taking that to new extremes with Adapt Video, a proprietary video ad unit that adapts to different layouts and devices.

Time Inc. Adapt VideoAdapt was created in partnership with DoubleClick, Google’s ad-serving subsidiary, using DoubleClick’s native ad solution. As Time explains it, Adapt offers a flexible framework for premium video ads. Video ads adapt across Time Inc. properties so they’re always full-screen and always command the viewer’s attention. The format uses standard video ad serving tags to help scale digital campaigns.

The format is designed to capitalize on the demand for outstream ads, which show within text-based content. Time Inc. decided to create its own proprietary unit rather than go with an existing ad solution so it could customize the playback for a better viewer experience. Building on top of DoubleClick gave Time’s staff complete control over the final product.

ÔÇťAdvertisers are increasingly looking for more ways to engage users with video ads,” says Rany Ng, director of product management at Google. “This is particularly true for mobile, where engagement with these ads is high but where users also have a higher bar for ad experiences. So, we’re excited that Time Inc. chose to create a flexible and scalable solution for Adapt outstream video ads using native ads on DoubleClick. By customizing these units to the layouts of the pages they’re presented in, these premium units will help capture highly valuable video demand from advertisers while keeping users engaged.”

Not only is Adapt flexible in where it plays, but in what types of advertiser assets it can accept. Advertisers supply Time Inc. with their video assets and ad tags, and DoubleClick ensures the ads play on different properties and follow business rules. The format supports video ad-serving template (VAST) tags, so the same creative can play in pre-rolls slots, as well.

The new format should tick a lot of boxes for online marketers, as they’re flexible and display only on brand-safe content. Time assures buyers that the ads conform to industry guidelines and don’t pester the viewers.


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