Click-Through Rates Are Down Across the Board for Video Ads

There’s good news and bad news in the Q3 2017 Video Benchmark report from cross-platform advertising solutions specialist Extreme Reach. The big problem is that click-through rates are down in every single category.

click-through ratesClick-through rates (CTR) are a crucial measure of engagement, and these finding show that the novelty of video ads has worn off, and viewers just want to get past them and get to their content. Comparing Q3 2016 to Q3 2017, the overall CTR average fell from 0.37 percent to 0.26 percent. CTR for mobile tumbled 0.44 percent to 0.29 percent. For every platform and length the results were similar, as they were for ads from both premium media vendors and media aggregators.

While CTR is down, video completion rates (VCR) are up for most categories. Here, the overall average rose from 67 percent in Q3 2016 to 68 percent in Q2 2017. VCR was strong on connected TVs and for 15- and 30-second ads, although it dipped for desktop. So more viewers are choosing to sit through ads to get to their content, but they rarely click through the ads for more information.

Marketers are streaming many more ads on mobile than they did a year ago, while reducing the amount of desktop and tablet streaming. The report sees 39 percent of all mobile video ads served to mobile in Q3 2017, up from 26 percent in 2016.

The report has positive news for video viewability: While the overall average of viewable impressions meeting the standard industry minimum (50 percent of the ad on screen for at least 2 seconds) stayed flat at 55 percent, it improved for 30-second spots. More importantly, the percent of impressions meeting a common sense definition of viewability (50 percent in view, played all the way through) rose from 60 percent to 68 percent.

Extreme Reach’s data comes from third-party video ad serving data from the Extreme Reach platform. For more, including stats on general invalid traffic rates, view the full report for free (no registration required).


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