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3 Tips for Taking Home a Cannes Lion, Courtesy of Ace Metrix

There’s always a way to game the system, right? Even if that system is the prestigious Cannes Lion given out for the best video advertising

Cannes LionThe video analytics experts at Ace Metrix have analyzed over 25,000 ads to uncover the emotional patterns that propel some ads to the winners’ circle. While there’s no such thing as a shoo-in, following these tips may help attract the right kind of attention:

  1. Play the right emotional chords. Ace looked at the emotional patterns of winning ads and discovered that ads that were universally funny, created a sense of confusion, offered heartfelt storytelling, and were annoying won the most often. Of these four groups, annoying ads were the most frequent winners, followed by those that created a sense of confusion.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be negative. The client might not like it, but there are awards on the line: Ace discovered that Cannes Lion winners focus more on creating strong emotional reactions in the viewers—reactions that might be negative or shocking—than they do on communicating positive brand qualities.
  3. Forego brand objectives. As Ace spells out, there’s a widening gulf between what the Cannes Lion jury thinks is successful and what viewers enjoy. Agencies looking for hardware need to prioritize appealing to the jury over appealing to consumers.

“Clearly, it’s difficult to win at Cannes. But across years, and different juries, we have uncovered specific and predictable emotions that are rewarded with a Lion,” says Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “We also unmask the growing differences between what is awarded by Cannes juries and key brand objectives based on reactions of the viewing public. This research raises the question for brands—is it more important to win a Cannes Lion or meet your branding objectives?”

Maybe once your agency has shelf full of shiny Cannes Lion awards you can win back all the clients you drove off creating confusing and negative ads while trying to win a Cannes Lion.

For more dubious tips, download “How to Win a Cannes Lion” from Ace Metrix for free (registration required).


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