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DMEXCO ’17: To Attract Gen Z Customers, Hire a Gen Z Agency

Even though he was speaking on a DMEXCO 2017 panel on marketing to millennials, Charles Bahr [1] was more interested in reaching their children. After all, millennials are his parents age. They’re interested in old people platforms, like Facebook.

Verena Hubertz of Kitchen Stories, Tanja Mehler of Olympus, and Charles Bahr of Youngfluencers at DMEXCO 2017.

While some teens are making it big as YouTube creators, at least one has started his own social media influencer agency. Bahr started Youngfluencers [2] a year ago when he was 14, so he’s still dealing with the demands of high school. But in his free time he connects social media influencers with brands.

Bahr isn’t all that concerned with generational labels, noting, “A millennial is not defined by his age.” There’s roughly a 20-year span in the millennial category, and a 20-year-old’s interests are far different from a 40-year-olds. It comes down to mindset, and that’s what he and his agency deliver.

Most of Bahr’s work is on Instagram, Snapchat, and Musical.ly, the social platforms that most appeal to today’s young people. Influencers often focus on one particular platform, and Bahr’s job is knowing which are best at reaching the target groups his clients are after. With watch times low on social platforms, he’s especially interested in podcasts, which young people often keep on in the background while doing other things.

Also on the millennial panel was Verena Hubertz, founder of the video cooking site Kitchen Stories [3]. When she works with a brand, she doesn’t want it to feel like an interruption. Viewers hate being interrupted by ads, she said. Instead, she wants to work with brands to create something valuable for both the viewer and the client.

The viewer’s age often determines what they need from a cooking site, Hubertz noted. Young people at university often realize they never learned how to cook, and need recipes they can make with simple equipment. People’s needs change when they get their first job and proper kitchen, then again when they start a family and start thinking about cooking healthier. It’s her job to create recipes that appeal to each type of viewer, then pull brands into the conversation. She knows what content works best on each platform. Watch time is low on Facebook, for example, so she posts quick clips there and links to longer treatments. She likes to stay agile and explore new platforms.

“We want to be at the intersection of technology and content to build the best use case around cooking,” Hubertz said.