Whosay Debuts a Mobile App for Video Marketing Matchups

Find the perfect video influencer while on-the-go. That’s the promise of Whosay Match, an iOS and Android app released today from the influencer marketing specialists at Whosay.

The Whosay Match app interface

With the Whosay Match app, marketers can search through thousands of possible video influencers at every level, such as Icons (tier one celebs), Trailblazers (close to household recognition), Influencers (those with big social platform buzz), and Micro-Influencers (big fish in smaller ponds). It sounds like there’s a talent pool for every size budget or any campaign objective.

To get started, marketers need to download the app and then visit the Match Report page on to request access. Like the company’s Whosay Talent app, this isn’t open to everyone.

Once logged in, use the app to create a custom list of brand-friendly influencers, then create a custom social feed showing their social network posts from multiple platforms. This custom feed includes the level of fan engagement.

To give marketers a helping hand, the Whosay team creates hand-selected lists of niche influencers, such a “Health-Conscious Celebrity Moms” and “Teen Beauty Influencers.” The app also provides a direct messaging option so marketers can hit the Whosay team with a question at any time.

“We’re constantly checking affinity for brands and often surprised by the results,” says Harvey Schwartz, founding partner and executive vice president of influence marketing at Whosay. “Like Miley Cyrus showing up for a mayonnaise brand, feels random but our affinity cross-check brings us new ideas all the time.”

While the app is new for general use, Whosay has been testing it internally for two years already. It’s been used to grab talent for over 100 brands and over 300 campaigns. These video campaigns for Buick and Xfinity were created with the help of the Match algorithm, the same technology that powers the app.

A Whosay Match report


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