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For Video Monetization, Publishers Look to YouTube and Facebook

How does a publisher make money off their online videos? For its latest survey, video creation platform Wochit asked the important question. Surveying 132 professionals, mostly publishers or media company employees, it asked where’s the money in online video?

The Three Paths to Monetization

There are three ways for organizations to make money from online video: on their own sites, through social platforms, and with syndication. Of the publishers and brands Wochit surveyed, 68 percent get revenue from their own sites, 55 percent from YouTube, 52 percent from Facebook, 20 percent from Instagram, and 8 percent from Snapchat. Also, 33 percent were able to syndicate their content for cash.

YouTube has robust ad options for making money from video. Facebook’s options are similar, but the process is more complicated due to the social network’s Suggested Videos feature which splits revenue for all the videos a member watched in a session. For social platforms, creating branded or sponsored content are top ways to make money, but remember the videos need to satisfy the core audience first.

For on-site content, running pre-roll video ads is the most popular monetization option, with 68 percent of those surveyed doing so. After that, 48 percent run sponsored videos and 16 percent use mid-rolls.

Asked about their concerns with video monetization, nearly 70 percent of those Wochit surveyed were afraid viewer attention spans were short. That leads to shorter videos being produced. Companies are also concerned that viewers get annoyed with ads.

To continue making money off videos in the year ahead, 67percent of those surveyed will increase the number of videos they create, with 54 loading videos on additional channels or networks to increase views. Despite their concerns and difficulties, 75 percent of those surveyed are optimistic about video monetization in the year ahead.

“I see the optimism revealed by the participants of this survey to be an incredibly positive sign that driving revenue with social video is not only a reality, but it’s one in which the opportunity is growing,” says Dror Ginzberg, co-founder and CEO of Wochit. “With the internet and the subsequent explosion of social platforms, many publishers found themselves in an even more difficult position, stretched thin in their ability to meet growing demands for content across an increasing number of platforms. I look forward to seeing the results next year, particularly with the advent of Facebook’s subscription plan and mid-roll ads, both likely to drive other platforms to follow suit.”

For more, download “Monetizing Online Video” from Wochit for free (registration required).


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