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Attention Email Marketers: Vimeo Beats YouTube By a Wide Margin

Before creating one more marketing email that includes a video, know this: Emails with Vimeo videos have a much higher open rate and click-through rate than emails with a YouTube video.

The stats come from marketing platform GetReponse, which analyzed nearly 2 billion emails (how’s that for a sample size?). It found marketing missives with a Vimeo video were opened 47.4 percent of the time and clicked 12.5 percent of the time. Compare that to YouTube: Messages with a YouTube video were opened 31.9 percent of the time and clicked 5.6 percent of the time. Other video sharing sites, including Twitch and, fared even more poorly.

“It’s no surprise that YouTube is the most popular hosting platform. They dominate video, and not just in email marketing,” says Mateusz Ruzik, customer education team manager for GetResponse. “However, my opinion on the future of email marketing is that this is one of the main directions the industry will go. So be sure not to miss out when this technology spreads.”

Ruzik notes that few marketers embed videos in emails at the moment, since few internet service providers (which are responsible for hosting email accounts) support embedded videos. That’s why most email marketers use animated GIFs or thumbnails that link to a video.

Along with its video data, GetResponse released a trove of email stats that are worth checking out. For instance, personalizing the subject line and adding emojis to the subject line both improve open rates slightly. Open rates are highest around 4PM, while click-through rates are pretty consistent during the waking hours. In the United States, the average open rate is 20.0 percent, while the average click-through rate is 3.1 percent.

“There’s no gold standard as to how often you should send emails,” says Justyna Bakker, email marketing manager for GetResponse. “It depends on your industry and buyer personas. But here’s a rule of thumb: minimum once a month, maximum once a day. Most marketers go for a weekly newsletter, which returns the highest open and click-through rates.”


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