Video Ad Viewing Time Up 19%, While Viewability Rates Up 20%

There’s good news today for video advertisers: Video ad quality is improving and viewers are taking an interest. Now that’s the best way to deal with ad blockers.

That’s one conclusion from the Q2 2017 Benchmark Report released today by cross-platform advertising solutions specialist Extreme Reach. Comparing Q2 2017 and Q2 2016 data, it finds the average time viewers spend watching video ads has grown by 19 percent. Viewability rates are up an average of 20 percent, while completion rates are also up 20 percent (expect for premium publishers where they’re up 36 percent). Completion rates are highest for connected TV ads.

These are fantastic results for the industry, showing that ad quality and placement are getting better, and, as a result, viewers are more open to viewing video ads.

“Year over year, consumers are more engaged and are spending considerably more time with video ads, while advertisers are increasing their investment in mobile video,” the report says.

Extreme Reach found an increase in mobile video ads, with small video players seeing a jump in use. Mobile devices served 33 percent of impressions, desktops 35 percent, connected TVs 18 percent, and tablets 15 percent. One area that’s on the decline is in-banner video ads, which saw a 17 percent year-over-year drop. This type of ad isn’t loved by consumers or advertisers, so it’s no surprise it’s getting less use.

“Our benchmarks indicate that many things are happening in video advertising that are drawing consumers in,” says Dascha Bright, senior vice president of account management at Extreme Reach. “While these changes are invisible to consumers, we see a growing acceptance of video ads among viewers. The industry is committed to improving the experience for viewers across every screen and device.”

This is Extreme Reach’s first quarterly benchmark offering. Visit Extreme Reach’s site to download the full report.


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