IAB Ad Portfolio Debuts, Helps Ads Fit a Variety of Screen Sizes

We haven’t heard much from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) lately, and that’s because it was planning something big. Yesterday, it unveiled the final version of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, a major event that will make multi-platform advertising easier for creatives and brands, while delivering far better experiences for viewers.

The portfolio includes ads that can adjust for screen sizes and resolutions, making it easier to market to consumers on multiple platforms. Ads don’t include specific sizes, but have size ranges, which is meant to speed up ad creation and ad buying and selling. The IAB says these ads are flexible, so they can have different sizes within a size range, but they always keep the same aspect ratio. Ads were carefully designed to be consumer-friendly—which the IAB sees as the best way to fight ad-blocker use—and follow the group’s LEAN guidelines of being lightweight, encrypted, AdChoices supported, and non-invasive.

Advertisers will find ad specs for display ads on multiple platforms, including banner and outstream ads that use video both horizontally and vertically. Outstream video ads—which appear in non-video environments, such as text articles—are supported when they follow the portfolio’s broader ad guidance. For video in display ads, the portfolio sets a 15-second limit on videos the viewer doesn’t initiate. The portfolio doesn’t offer new guidance for instream video ads.

The portfolio also includes guidance for new and interactive experiences, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), social platform, and 360-degree video advertising.

“This new ad portfolio puts user experience front and center—benefitting both consumers and the brands that want to reach them online,” says Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB. “These new ad units have gone through comprehensive testing, with expanded mobile and video capabilities that will take interactive marketing to new heights.”

To help the ad community transition from earlier standards to this, the IAB and the IAB Tech Lab will host a series of webinars and create demo pages. The Tech Lab has created an open source tool that lets publishers add a flexible ad container and ad server tag for new ad units.


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