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Don’t Be Afraid to Go Long: Long Brand Videos Get High Engagement

Does this scenario sound familiar: Someone on the marketing team notices that viewers drop off quickly after the first minute of a video. The solution, then, is to make every video no more than 90-seconds-long.

The common wisdom has been to keep brand videos short since viewers have short attention spans, but marketing platform TwentyThree says the common wisdom is wrong. View time isn’t the only metric that matters: TwentyThree looked at engagement rates and found that while 80 percent of videos created are under 5 minutes long, they account for under one-third of video engagement. Videos over 15 minutes long are responsible for half of viewer engagement, while those over 45 minutes long are responsible for 30 percent of viewer engagement.

That data is part of TwentyThree’s State of Online Video in 2017 report, which analyzed current data from 300 marketing teams, 1.5 million videos, 1.7 billion impressions, and 650 million video plays.

Live video is also excellent for driving engagement. Live video streaming is enjoying a boom right now, and that’s because viewers are taken with the live experience. Engagement time for live video is 300 percent higher than for on-demand video, even though 67 percent of the live video’s viewing time happens after the live event is over. Viewers don’t need to tune in at the exact time of the live broadcast to enjoy the feeling of the live broadcast.

The report turns up interesting data about how long people will watch videos. Facebook viewers average 20 seconds per view, while YouTube viewers average under one minute. However, when watching a video on a brand’s own site (i.e. owned media) 66 percent of viewers average almost four minutes per video.

“On owned media, visitors are twice as likely to play your video content,” the report says. “Even when a video is played, the experience context matters. Owned media is up to 12x better at driving engagement.”

For more, download the full report for free (registration required).


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