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85% Influenced by Video Are Household Purchase Decision Makers

There have been plenty of studies about how successful video influencers are for online marketing, but a new research report from influencer video platform Gen.Video puts the spotlight on the people being influenced.

Looking at shoppers who say they’re influenced by influencer marketing videos, the report finds 85 percent are completely responsible for the purchasing in their households, while 11 percent are mostly responsible. The final 4 percent are somewhat responsible.

Not only are they the main shoppers, but they shop across a wide variety of stores. Over half of them shop at least once per week at grocery stores, while between 40 and 50 percent shop weekly at Walmart, Amazon, and convenience stores.

This data comes from “The Influence of Influencers,” which is based on a survey of 1,000 consumers with at least some shopping responsibility. Roughly half of those surveyed were Millennials.

Consumers influenced by video influencers are actively looking for new products. They welcome the input, as they want to be well-informed and add variety to their lives. 83 percent of them say it’s important to hear about other products before buying, while 76 percent call social media their main source of product inspiration.

Also, 82 percent find video more relevant and believable than other forms of content.

Finally, while they enjoy being influenced by video influencers, these consumers act as influencers themselves. The report says 84 percent enjoy talking with family or friends about their experience with products or brands, while 79 percent say family or friends come to them for advice. Many enjoy sharing information on social media (79 percent) and want to maintain a positive image on social media (77 percent).

“Those influenced by video are highly valuable because they are active shoppers,” the report notes. “They actively browse social media and, as a result, are more likely to be influenced to purchase across a range of categories based on their social media ‘discoveries’.”

For more on influencers and the influenced, download the full report for free (registration required).


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