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From VidCon: New Video Ads That Cannot Be Skipped Or Blocked

A new video advertising platform was launched at VidCon last week. KickSubs, which provides professional subtitles and captions to online creators at no cost, inserts text ads directly into the subtitles or captions. Videos with KickSubs not only bring in new audiences from the multilingual subtitles, but also create additional streams of revenue from the ads.

Additional views and revenue for creators
With up to 80% of online videos being watched in silent on mobile devices, captions and subtitles are being used to increase views and engagement, and reach more audiences worldwide. Adding multilingual subtitles gives creators the ability to target the 82% of YouTube viewers outside the US, and Facebook reports that English captions alone increase lift by 14%.

In addition to increasing the number of video views, ad revenue is shared directly with the creators. Over 140 influencers with a combined 86 million subscribers have already signed up to join – in just three days at VidCon.

More effective advertising
ORC International reports that 90% of users skip video ads, while 72% see them as intrusive or disruptive. In comparison, KickSubs ads are integrated within the subtitles, meaning they cannot be skipped or blocked. Since there is no disruption to the flow of the video, the ads are seen as less intrusive to the viewer experience. Furthermore, brands can target audiences directly by channel or genre, eliminating the concerns major brands have voiced in regard to their ads appearing next to extremist content on YouTube.

In a joint test conducted with a US university, KickSubs ads had a recall rate of 43% – compared to just 25% in pre-roll and mid-roll video ads.

About KickSubs
KickSubs was created by one of the leading companies in subtitling and captioning, IYUNO Media Group. With the vision to subtitle every video on the internet, IYUNO is providing KickSubs at virtually no charge, aiming to bring the world together by eliminating language barriers and supporting the deaf and hard of hearing. IYUNO delivers subtitles and captions to major Hollywood studios, and has won Netflix’s NPV of the Year award for the past two years in a row.

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