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TwentyThree Connects to HubSpot to Bring Video and Marketing Automation Together

50% of all website engagement is now from video, which means that brands are missing half of their attribution data to nurture and convert their users. This integration will allow marketers to track, automate, and manage all of their valuable video metrics.

“At HubSpot we’ve seen dramatic results when our customers combine video and marketing automation. This space is moving quickly and we’re excited that TwentyThree are pioneering video marketing automation as a category. We believe that TwentyThree will create impressive results for our customers going forward,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer, HubSpot

Using TwentyThree and HubSpot together, marketers can now:

  • Track and profile their video audience
  • Collect leads via gated video forms
  • Use powerful tools like, video email & landing pages, to integrate video into email marketing and nurture flows
  • Integrate between the video marketing platform and marketing automation system

“TwentyThree has built a really deep integration that enables HubSpot users to use video marketing in new ways. For example by building audiences and segments using video”, said Al Biedrzycki, Principal Tech Partner Marketing Manager, HubSpot.

Early customers include Zendesk, Branch and Universal Robots, all of which have seen a significant impact on conversion rates, enhanced data, and increased lead-generation through video. Universal Robots increased their month-over-month lead conversion rate by 50% percent simply by using TwentyThree to convert viewers into leads.

“The 50% increase came with the same amount of traffic and the exact same videos — just by flipping a switch,” said Christian Johansen, the Digital Marketing Specialist at Universal Robots.

The video marketing automation release of TwentyThree is launched in correlation with the first ever conference on video marketing automation, featuring more than 15 speakers from HubSpot, Zendesk, Branch and EY; along with thought leaders like GrowthHackers’ Sean Ellis, Martech’s Scott Brinker and Forrester’s Nick Barber.

“The old marketing saying about not knowing which half of your marketing spend is going to waste is still uncomfortably true. Too often marketers count likes, shares and plays rather than the true performance of activities,” said TwentyThree CEO, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal.

“TwentyThree changes that by enabling detailed playback tracking and viewer profiling; through effective conversion tools within video players; and by integrating this data deeply into marketing automation flows.”

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TwentyThree has offices in San Francisco and Copenhagen.

About TwentyThree
TwentyThree, The Video Marketing Platform, is the innovator in video marketing. Our video marketing platform is used by hundreds of leading digital marketers globally to run and optimize their video across social and inbound platforms. Our upcoming video marketing automation release is already increasing leadgen by 50% at early preview customers.

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