Netflix Has Far Higher Brand Recognition Among Millennial Viewers

Young people today are far more aware of individual TV shows than the brands (or networks) that create them. Some brands, however, and doing a better job of promoting themselves than others. That’s one of the results of The Young and the Brandless, a research report created by ad agency Anatomy Media.

Anatomy looked at millennial viewers, questioning 3,100 young adults about TV and advertising issues. In an aided brand recognition test were subjects were shown artwork and asked to connect programs with networks, 65 percent could match Netflix shows. That’s far higher than the next best brand, Fox at 40 percent. After that, it’s ABC, CBC, and NBC tied with 31 percent, Amazon with 20 percent, and Hulu with only 15 percent.

When Anatomy broke that data down, it found that viewers who primarily watched shows on a TV set did better with TV network brand awareness, while those who watched on computers or mobile devices were generally better with streaming brands.

All this is a bad sign for the broadcast networks, Anatomy believes, since half of young millennials stream their content exclusively and linear viewing falls every year. If networks want to stop the damage, they need to get a lot better at promoting their content on non-linear platforms. Amazon and Hulu have a similar problem, and are going to need to improve their brand awareness if they want to stay relevant to young viewers.

“While networks consistently indicate that the viewer is at the center of their thinking, they don’t seem to actually analyze how users truly behave,” says Gabriella Mirabelli, CEO of Anatomy “We have learned that on-air promotion is still the most effective means of building brand awareness between a broadcast network’s programming and their brand. As for OTT—outside of Netflix—there is also work to be done as their promotional efforts need to be more precise in order to be effective.”

For more results, download “The Young and the Brandless” for free (no registration required).


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