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Kurt Andersen: Why Today’s Marketers Should Be Truth-Tellers

In a world gone haywire, the best opportunity for marketers and brands is to tell the truth.

The 2017 Audience Measurement Conference recently concluded, and was happy to grab a few minutes with its keynote speaker: author, editor, and radio show host Kurt Andersen. In his upcoming history of America—Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire—Andersen looks at how America’s love of creating our own fantasy worlds has led to the current post-truth era. In that warped world, the best path for marketers is to be contrary.

“A great marketing opportunity in the post-fact era is for brands and marketers to be the designated drivers, to be the adults in the room, the people who say, ‘This is true, and here’s the facts to back it up, and we’re not lying to you,'” Andersen said.

“That kind of thing has always appeared in marketing and branding and advertising, but I think there’s a real opportunity to go full-speed ahead with that, to put out trustworthy information.

“As I discovered when I was writing this book Fantasyland, advertise used to mean to inform people of an interesting event, a fact. I think there’s an opportunity for advertisers and marketers to essentially say, ‘Look, the rest of the world may have alternative facts, they may not be telling the truth, but these are real facts and we’re telling the truth.’ To do that consistently, in a kind of—as we used to say—Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval way I think is a real opportunity.”

For more on marketing in the post-truth era, watch the interview below:


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