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65% Say Brands That Use Vertical Videos Are More Innovative: YuMe

Once derided, vertical videos are suddenly in demand. The format now provides a halo effect for brands reports online video advertising company YuMe: After surveying 662 U.S. adults, it found that 65 percent of consumers rate brands using vertical video ads as more innovative than other companies, and 76 percent say they appreciate when brands experiment with new ad formats.

The rise of mobile devices has everything to do with vertical video’s popularity: The format fits phone screens and apps just right and feels more natural. Maybe that’s why 70 percent of those YuMe surveyed say vertical ads blend in better on mobile sites, while 69 percent say verticals provide a less intrusive mobile ad experience.

A majority of respondents—72 percent—said they’d like to see vertical videos used more often for branded content and less often for product-focused advertising.

YuMe found a subset of vertical video virgins during its questioning, and showed them vertical content for the first time. Of these neophytes, 78 percent said they liked the format. Verticals rated higher with new viewers than with those who had seen them before.

“Interest in vertical video is evidence of a broader trend toward immersive ad experiences that deliver higher brand ROI and engagement,” says Mike O’Donnell, senior vice president of North American sales at YuMe. “Our research affirms that consumers prefer vertical video for mobile video watching. Brands that use vertical video are also viewed positively, and their ads are considered less intrusive. It’s a win-win for brands and consumers.”

YuMe got its numbers after questioning smartphone owners about their vertical video experiences. Those who had never seen vertical videos were asked to watch a 27-second clip. For the full report, download “Vertical Video Is on the Up and Up” [1] for free (registration required). YuMe has also created an infographic highlighting the results.