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How Do Viewers Really Feel About Video Ads? Not Too Bad, Says AOL

For anyone with the knee-jerk opinion that all viewers hate ads and marketers need to be crafty to get their commercials viewed, AOL has a message: Viewers are okay with what you’re doing, especially if the ads are entertaining.

The publisher recently took a survey and found that 71 percent of U.S. adult consumers don’t mind video ads when they deliver some entertainment. Relevancy is also a big plus: 67 percent are good with ads as long as they’re advertising relevant products or services.

One thing viewers don’t like is a lot of little ads sprinkled throughout a video. If given a choice, 77 percent of viewers would rather watch one long ad than a variety of short ones. Additionally, 72 percent of viewers see ads that run after content as less intrusive than those that run before.

Matching the ad length with the content length is critical. Don’t even think about slapping a 30-second ad on a short video: 64 percent of viewers expect pre-rolls for videos under a minute long to be 15 seconds or less. Go long on a short video and viewers are more likely to click away. Longer ads can run on long-form content (over 10 minutes in length), where over half of viewers expect ads to be 30 seconds long.

One main takeaway is that viewers would like some choice over the ad they see: 82 percent want some kind of control.

Consumption of all video lengths is increasing, but consumption of short-form videos is growing the fastest. Currently, 59 percent of viewers watch a video that’s under a minute long every day. That drops to 45 percent for videos 1 to 5 minutes long and 31 percent for videos of 20 minutes or more.

While live video is obviously having a moment, the survey finds that breaking news, music/concerts, and sports are the most popular categories for live (in that order).

These numbers come from the U.S. portion of AOL’s recent global survey, which questioned 253 adults¬†in the United States.¬†Look to AOL’s blog post for more survey data.


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