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Use Online Video to Target IT Decision Makers, Says Yahoo

For companies selling tech products and services, getting seen by IT decision makers is crucial and video ads can make it happen.

Yahoo recently published a blog┬ápost showing that video ads are a great way to reach this market: 56 percent of IT decision makers recall seeing ads when watching video, which is a higher recall rate than for any other ad type. Yahoo’s data also finds this group is 1.5 times more likely to notice video ads than are other executives. Whether they’re watching live or on-demand content, IT decision makers often stream sports video, video from social media platforms, and video from news sites and apps.

Yahoo’s data came from a Maru/Matchbox survey of 202 IT decision makers. reached out to Yahoo to see if it had more data on video and IT decision makers. It did, so here it is:

This group can be difficult to reach through ads, as 58 percent have an ad blocker installed on at least one device: 50 percent block ads on a desktop or laptop, while 28 percent block ads on their phone. That means reaching them through mobile ads might be the best option.

Whether they have ad blockers installed or not, IT decision makers are most likely to notice ads when streaming videos or shopping online. And they’re most likely to enjoy seeing ads while shopping online, browsing social media, or browsing a site or app.

This audience is most receptive to ads that are relevant to their interests. They’re not put off by ads that refer to sites they’ve visited or products they might purchase. They also rate pre-roll video ads highly. However, their least favorite ad type is video ads that play outside of video players.

“Reaching IT decision makers online can be challenging, but with a better understanding of their device usage and online content consumption advertisers can be better equipped to market to this valuable segment,” the report concludes.


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