Digitas and Group Nine Combine on Snackable Video Creation

Brands often have great content assets in-house that simply don’t work well in today’s mobile-first, short-form video world. A library of well-researched white papers, for example, simply doesn’t matter to time-strapped modern consumers. At the Digitas NewFront today, marketing agency Digitas announced that it’s combining with Group Nice Media to create and distribute new video assets from those existing properties.

The offering combines two existing marketing tools: Snacktory from Digitas and Spotlight from Group Nine. Snacktory takes existing content (such as white papers) and re-contectualizes them into new and snackable content. Spotlight then takes that content and creates customized distribution paths across a network of social channels. Group Nine’s content distribution network includes properties such as Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo, and Seeker. Together, they receive over 4 billion video views each month across a variety of platforms.

The combined offering will be available exclusively to DigitasLBi customers. New asset creation takes a week or less.

“This partnership represents the best of what DigitasLBi does: use data-driven insights to develop world-class content that engages audiences wherever they are,” Donaton said. “Adding Spotlight’s capabilities to Snacktory’s strengths creates a truly unique and powerful offering to help clients unlock maximum return from their content investments.”

This is the tenth anniversary of the Digitas NewFront, by the way, the event that started the newfront season. Ten years ago, noted Scott Donaton, chief content officer for DigitasLBi, his company launched the newfront to show its clients that they weren’t giving enough attention to digital. At the time, roughly 10 percent of total ad spend went to digital. Today, the total is closer to 40 percent and will soon surpass TV advertising.

The theme for this year’s Digitas NewFront was “the caveman and the astronaut,” looking at how marketing can appeal to both our emotional and intellectual sides.

“The one thing that’s constant is that the human being is a story animal,” said DigitasLBi CEO Tony Weisman at the event’s close. The marketer’s job is to create stories that touch people and advance business, he added.


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