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Advertisers Increasingly Want Skippable Video Ads: Videology

Are skippable video ads dying out or are they poised to get more popular?

Last month, ran an article from Todd Krizelman, CEO and co-founder of MediaRadar, that predicted skippable video ads could die out this year. His reasoning is that few sites offer them, and publishers don’t want to waste precious inventory with ads they can’t monetize.

Today, video advertising technology company Videology released its Q1 2017 U.S. TV and Video At-a-Glance report, and one of its key findings is that more advertisers are adding skippability to their campaigns. While skippable ads might not be popular with publishers, advertisers like them because they guarantee a more favorable viewing pool. Anyone who doesn’t like the ad simply skips it.

In Q1, 23 percent of campaigns on its platform used skippability as a targeting method. That shows a 3x increase in skippability use from the previous quarter.

The report’s other big finding is that connected TV campaigns are on a huge upswing, showing a 6x percent increase in two years. Since Q1 2015, Videology has charted a 500 percent increase in the number of ad requests on connected TVs. In Q1 2017, 90 percent of the campaigns on its platform used a cross-screen strategy, with 56 percent of campaigns running on connected TVs.

“Viewing of video content on traditional digital screens like laptops and mobile phones is huge, as well all know,” says Scott Ferber, Videology’s founder and CEO. “But the fact is, consumers still love their TV sets. It’s no surprise that connected TV and advanced TV are seeing such spikes—they provide the lean-back experience that consumers know and love, with the targeting opportunities brands are looking for.

View-through rate was the primary campaign objective for 60 percent of campaigns, followed by viewability at 42 percent and click-through rate at 31 percent.

For more results, view an infographic of the data (no registration required).


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