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9 Is the Magic Number When it Comes to Video Ad Exposure: YuMe

How important are repeated video ad exposures on brand metrics? Repeated exposures might seem like an obvious good, but where’s the data quantifying it? Online video advertising company YuMu took up that task, analyzing Q1 2017 information from Kantar Millward Brown’s MarketNorms database to examine the relationship between exposure and brand metrics. And the answer is nine.

The question is, is there a minimum number of exposures that’s effective in delivering strong brand favorability and purchase intent. Nine is the sweet spot, YuMe says. To provide the strongest results for their budgets, marketers need to think of this as the minimum number of exposures for effective results.

Why think of minimum and not maximum exposures? Because oversaturation annoys viewers, YuMe says. Reaching the minimum number of views and backing off provides the best results without turning viewers off. After nine exposures, both purchase intent and brand favorability are at their highest.

No matter the frequency, any video ad exposure leads to improvements in upper funnel metrics, such as aided awareness, online ad awareness, and message association. However, lower funnel metrics—such as brand favorability and purchase intent—show significant gains after eight or more exposures.

The study also looks at video ad length. For campaigns that have a minimum of 8 exposures, YuMe finds 30-second ads deliver better purchase intent than 15-second ads. If the campaign’s focus is message association YuMe says 5 to 7 exposures will do the job.

“Marketers must be adept in striking a balance between oversaturation and not enough in video campaign frequency,” notes Mireya Arteaga, research lead at YuMe. “Our study indicated, for example, that message association peaks at five to seven exposures. A campaign running additional exposures may realize little to no added impact. At YuMe, we recommend an incremental approach to help campaigns achieve maximum ROI with minimal spend.”

For more study results, download YuMe’s report and infographic for free (registration required).


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