Stand Tall: Viral Videos Get Their Own Programmatic Ad Exchange

Once they were ridiculed, now they’re accepted: Vertical videos are firmly established with younger viewers, so it’s time to slap some ads on them. Virool, a company we last heard about back in 2013 when it offered to make any video go viral for $10, has launched the Vertical Video Exchange. This fully programmatic ad exchange is available to advertisers and publishers around the world. Thanks to Virool’s partnership with Bidswitch, Virools’ inventory of vertical videos is now open to over 150 trading desks and demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Using vertical video ads is an essential for reaching millennials on mobile, Virool points out. Verticals appear on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Twitter. Virool previously created Vertical Reveal—a vertical ad format that scrolls into view as the viewer moves through an article on a mobile device—to sell the format to publishers. With its just-launched exchange, verticals can be tapped by over 150 DSPs.

“The year of vertical video is really here!” says Eric Chen, Virool’s head of publisher development. “We hear from our advertisers that aside from Snapchat, there’s been a lack of premium vertical video inventory. Our advertisers can finally buy quality vertical video ads at scale through Virool’s exchange. More importantly, everything is 100 percent viewable.”

That’s right, Virool is selling the exchange with a pretty strict guarantee by promising 100 percent viewability. No waste here, as vertical video ads only play when half or more of their pixels are in view. The company also promises viewer targeting and a brand-safe environment.

Some publishers are already profiting from vertical ads: “In the past year, native video ads have become a new source of revenue growth,” says Catherine Gougeon, digital general manager for Groupe V Media. “With more than 60 percent of our traffic on coming from mobile web, we are always looking for new revenue sources and vertical video has become a big part of our video monetization strategy on that website.”

Any brands, agency trading desks, or DSPs interested in working with the Vertical Video Exchange are invited to contact Virool sales.

A Virool vertical video ad scrolling into view.


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