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With Free Viewability Measurement, ComScore Sets the Baseline

Viewability is not a KPI, something this site pointed out in a February 2016 article. The mere fact that viewers have the ability to see an ad isn’t a key performance indicator; it’s simply the absolute minimum that a campaign should be charged for.

viewabilityIn an effort to move the ad industry’s focus from basic viewability to deeper metrics, measurement specialist ComScore announced it will offer free viewability measurements to its clients. When viewability is available at no extra cost, ComScore believes, advertisers will be free to focus on more important performance numbers, such as reach within campaign demographics and geographic target areas, brand awareness, purchase intent, and sales.

“Viewability is critical, but for too long it has dominated industry discussion at the expense of other metrics that also really matter,” says Dan Hess, executive vice president of products at ComScore. “We think it’s time to make viewability a table stake for digital advertising, and move the market forward to a broader realm of more meaningful ad measurement across platforms.”

ComScore will offer viewability measurement for video, mobile, and display advertising starting this summer. The measures are self-service and will be available through a redesigned user interface.

The move is already being hailed by many in the online advertising industry:

“Offering free viewability measurement will allow for more comprehensive reporting and help to close the gaps where viewability is not currently reported—thus getting us one step closer to our industry goal of making digital measurement comparable to that of other media,” says Nancy Hill, president and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As).

“IAB applauds ComScore for providing critical support for the digital ad industry’s viewability standard,” says Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). “The MRC standard for viewable impressions was agreed to and has evolved under consistent cross-industry participation. It’s time for the entire marketing-media ecosystem to accept it and move on to more productive innovations, including agreement on how to measure cross-media audiences and engagement.”

Companies that want updates on ComScore’s viewability offering can request information with this online form.


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