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Breakthrough Video Ads of Q1 Celebrate Love and Enduring Values

So much of video marketing is getting the zeitgeist just right. It’s understanding the story people want to be told at that moment, and telling it in a new and surprising way.

In the first quarter of 2017 the stories Americans wanted to hear were all about love and the importance of family. An especially bruising and dispiriting election cycle was over, and people needed a break. That’s what video analytics company Ace Metrix found when it tallied the top breakthrough video ads of Q1 2017.

The company’s breakthrough score measures online and TV ads that score high in attention and likability. Viewers wanted a return to home and family, with the larger world’s problems set aside for the moment.

“Reach and resonance are both necessary to achieve marketing results,” says Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “All the reach in the world can’t fix creative that consumers don’t connect with or simply won’t watch.”

While many agencies are focused on delivering ultra-short ads to capture dwindling attention spans, this list points out that even longer ads can score well if viewers connect with them: Seven of them are one minute long or more.

The first quarter of the year is the perfect time to feature top creative work, since it includes the Super Bowl, Academy Awards, and Grammy Awards. The top ad, from Hyundai, featured U.S. soldiers far from home, yet able to share the Super Bowl with their loved ones through cutting-edge technology.

Kudos to Angel Soft, a toilet paper company, for scoring two top-ten charters, both of which celebrate single parents. Here’s Ace Metrix’s list of the quarter’s top breakthrough ads:

1. A Better Super Bowl, Hyundai
2. Happy National Single Parents Day, Angel Soft
3. Somebody to Love, Coldwell Banker
4. (tie) Safari, Sherwin-Williams
4. (tie) #WeSeeEqual, Procter & Gamble
6. Hero’s Journey, Kia
7. Just Dad, Angel Soft
8. Romance, Skittles
9. Familiar, Google
10. LongHorn Favorites, LongHorn Steakhouse


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