Over 90% of Native Ad Publishers Saw Revenue Increase Last Year

AdsNative has taken a survey of native ad publishers, and the results predict a good year for the ad format. Of those surveyed, 92.3 percent said their revenue from native ads increased in the last year, while 53.9 percent don’t believe ad budgets are going to just a few players (namely Google and Facebook). This optimism is contradicted by several recent studies, AdsNative points out.

Native ads match the look and feel of editorial content on the sites they’re placed, while outstream video ads occupy the editorial space between blocks of text in an article. AdsNative is a white label ad serving company and it surveyed its customer base of 7,500 web and mobile publishers for this Q1 2017 report.

Other findings show that 84.6 percent of those surveyed offer outstream video, while 68.9 percent are keeping an eye on ad-blocker activity, but don’t believe they’ve been greatly harmed by them yet.

The most surprising thing in the report is how native ad publishers are shifting attention to other metrics besides clicks, trying to show the value of native ads in other ways such as added brand exposure. For publishers, the most popular native ad metrics are hover time, shares and reposts, likes or hearts, and other clicks (such as hashtag engagements). Compare this to the most popular standard metrics such as clicks, eCPMs, and impressions.

“We’re noticing that publishers aren’t solely focused on their revenue and CPMs anymore, which is what standard networks will pitch them on,” says Satish Polisetto, CEO and co-founder of AdsNative. “Publishers want the control back over their inventory. In order to do that, they’re trying to optimize ad delivery for other metrics, like clicks, hover time, and likes. These are the metrics that advertisers and media buyers care about and we expect this topic to surface in many of the discussions at the upcoming NewFronts.”

View an infographic of AdNative’s data below, or read AdsNative’s blog post on the findings.


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