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5 Quick Production Tips for Savvy Video Marketers

Time is money. We’ve heard it before, but today this truly resonates in the online video marketing and publishing world.

Online video is reaching new heights. Views, engagement, and watch-time are up across the board on major channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and branded websites.

With that mind, we’ve compiled a list of helpful and practical tips that will help with any video marketing or video production. These tools are guaranteed to save time and deliver better results to video campaigns.

  1. Use a Headline Analyzer

Video noise is a real issue in today’s world. As more videos are uploaded and streamed, it’s becoming even more challenging to get content in front of the right audience.

Additionally, platforms like YouTube and Facebook constantly refine their algorithms to create better user experiences.

One way to boost video performance across any channel is to have a good title. It sounds simple, but titles go a long way in helping videos get ranked higher in search and social media platforms.

Sites like CoSchedule offer amazing headline analyzer tools. Marketers enter a potential video or campaign title into the CoSchedule database and receive a score based on factors such as word balance, common words, emotion, and power.

In full disclosure, CoSchedule does require marketers to enter a few details before using the tool, but it’s totally worth it. The site presents a score on the title entered. It even offers tips on sentence structure and grammar. It even offers guidance on the amount of words used suggests a better tittle length. This is crucial information when crafting that perfect title!

  1. Improve Video Thumbnails

Think of the video thumbnail as the mini billboard for videos across multiple platforms. Having a quality video is great, but viewers are enticed by an amazing thumbnail.

Photoshop and other high-end photography applications are useful tools for those who have access to them, but this article is targeting video marketers who need something quicker.

Sites like Pic Monkey provide user-friendly touch-up tools to help make video thumbnails stand out. The site allows lets anyone edit and enhance photos for free, and also offers paid account options.

In a nutshell, users can access the photo editing tools via the Pic Monkey website to add text, color, contrast, and other effects to images. The crop tool is also extremely helpful in making sure that the image matches the dimensions for the thumbnail on each platform.

Spend a few extra minutes modifying thumbnails: It helps with video discovery across multiple platforms.

  1. Find the Right Music

This tip is aimed at the creative side of online video productions, and has helped us in several fast-turnaround situations.

Those who have tried to find background music for videos know it can be a daunting task. There are countless music libraries on the internet—some good and some horrible. Quality ranges and so does the price.

One site in particular, however, offers the best of both worlds. Art List is a music-licensing catalog that gives members unlimited downloads to their library for a full year. All music is pre-licensed for use in any video, including commercial.

For $199 a year, members can access music created by inspiring indie artists around the world. Finding the right piece of music is quick thanks to useful browsing tools that let users search by genre, instruments, duration, topic, and themes.
The quality of Art List’s catalog is exceptional, and the site adds new tracks each week. All of this with a blanket license is unheard of! Video creators need to bookmark Art List and check it every time.

  1. Research Keywords the Easy Way

As mentioned above, video search rankings are more important today than they’ve ever been. This tip is for video marketers using YouTube (which is probably all of them).

It’s a good idea to know video keywords ahead of time, even before producing a video. However, there are times where that just doesn’t happen. During those occasions, study similar videos on YouTube and see what keywords they used.

To find keywords the easy way start by using the Firefox browser. With the YouTube video open, navigate to the Tools menu and select Page Info This displays a panel showing what keywords were used.

It’s also a good idea to look at related content the target audience is watching. Research those keywords and try to incorporate them in future videos or video metadata.

  1. Use a Logo Resizing Service

The final tip is not technically for videos, but it involves the look of a brand across video channels.

As any seasoned marketer and publisher knows popular social media platforms change often. Trying to keep with up with profile icons, logo bugs, and cover photos for all of them is challenging.

Often, platforms require users to re-upload a logo and create new versions to match their specifications. Rather than going through that, save time by using a tool like Landscape by Sprout Social.

This service offers streamlined image resizing for social media. Users upload their logos, choose their social networks, and then crop for each platform accordingly. Once the edits are made, download the various versions of the logo. Landscape offer resizing options for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.

It’s an easy-to-use tool that ensures the proper optimization for any logo. The best part is that it does the dimensions research, which gives marketers time to focus on what matters most—the videos!


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  1. Thanks Stjepan for the insightful post. I agree, optimizing your video with consistent images, the right keywords, and the right music can go a long way.

    I especially agree with your points on the video thumbnail. I noticed you mentioned PicMonkey, but I’d like to share with you Snappa, which is an application we’ve been working on that produces great YouTube thumbnails.

    It is much easier to use and is much quicker with a great selection of stock photos. Here is a guide for YouTube thumbnails

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Posted by Nick | May 10, 2017, 11:10 am
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