UPS, Nestle, Mercedes-Benz Create Top Online Video Ads of 2016

Look here for inspiration: Marketing services company BrainJuicer released a list of the top online video ads from 2016, with UPS, Nestle, and Mercedes-Benz topping the list. For BrainJuicer, the only criteria that matters is an ad’s ability to drive long-term growth. It looked at 500 global video ads and assigned each an “Emotion-into-Action” score, which calculates how well they create an emotional reaction and use that to drive brand goals. This is the first year BrainJuicer has included online video ads in its calculations.

“Emotional response is the only metric we use to predict both long-term brand-building potential and short-term impact as it relates to click-through and sharing rate,” notes Brent Snider, president for BrainJuicer North America. “How people feel at the end of a digital ad is predictive of the long-term, while how people feel throughout and the intensity of that feeling predicts what they are going to do directly after coming in contact with a piece of digital.”

Snider suggests marketers look for guidance in the list, which celebrates ads that made large numbers of people feel an emotion and then act on it.

“We are not rational creatures. Rather, we are highly emotional and that is how we live our lives and engage with media,” Snider says. “Ads that succeed at driving high emotional engagement will enjoy profitable growth.”

Here is BrainJuicer’s digital top 10 for 2016:

  1. UPS, Your Wishes Delivered
  2. Nestle, Bear Brand Social Quotient
  3. Smart, Smarteffect
  4. McDonald’s, Amizade Vence
  5. Huggies, Miracle Hugs
  6. Mentos, Mentors
  7. Van Houten, Mother of Ideal
  8. Samsung, Touchable Ink
  9. Jollibee, Kwentong Jollibee: Kahera
  10. L’OrĂ©al, This Is My Red

(Some of the foreign language ads include optional closed captions.)

Snider says UPS’s Your Wished Delivered was his personal favorite from 2016, as it made him happy right from the start.

“It had a strong beginning and middle, and ended with a positive message that felt genuine. The brand was along for the same ride I was, and it never felt forced,” Snider says. “It was a universal story that could and did touch many different generations.”

And it shows how any brand can generate an emotional response in viewers.


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