Facebook Courting Marketers for Mobile Video Advertising

2016 was the year of video for Facebook, and the social network is only planning to expand on that in 2017. Consider the comments that Bob Gruters, Facebook’s U.S. group director for entertainment, technology, and connectivity said to Adweek at South by Southwest: Facebook will soon begin running print and digital ads aimed at marketers to convince them to run mobile video ads on its platform.

The ads will target media agencies, as well as any marketers considering mobile video, added Gwen Throckmorton, Facebook’s U.S. head of industry entertainment. Look for the tagline “Build your brand with Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network” on the ads, which began running yesterday. The campaign will continue for two months, emphasizing the actions companies can get people to take that will build relationships and drive positive business outcomes.

While Facebook isn’t offering any numbers, this will be the biggest B2B effort in the company’s history. The campaign will explain how mobile video unlocks a huge power for marketers to tell their stories.

“The conversation around mobile video is more relevant than it’s ever been,” Gruters told Adweek.

According to a recent advertising forecast by J.P. Morgan, digital video ad spending in the U.S. will grow by 12 percent in 2017, then another 9 percent in 2018. Surprisingly, video is the only display ad subcategory to show growth, as spending on rich media, banner ads, and sponsorships will all taper downward. Online video ad spending will also outplace search ad spending, which J.P. Morgan predicts will increase by 2 percent in 2017 and 2018. The only category growing faster than video is mobile ad spending. The forecast also says that programmatic advertising is taking an increasing amount of online video ad budgets. In covering the report, eMarketer predicts 2017 U.S. programmatic sales to show a large improvement over 2016 numbers.


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