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Build Views While Busting Melons: Small Businesses Get Creative

Small companies are getting creative with online video marketing, and it’s paying off. An AP article looks at how several smaller companies are creating an identity while informing and entertaining their consumers.

The article focuses on PriveCo, a company from Troy, Michigan, that makes BulletSafe bulletproof vests. While Tom Nardone, the company’s owner, knew he wanted to use online videos to grab viewers’ attention, he didn’t simply want to shoot one of his vests on camera. Where’s the excitement there? Instead, he plugged watermelons, laptop computers, and Valentine’s Day chocolates.

None of them stop a bullet like a vest, and they all look great exploding in slow motion.

Not all businesses lend themselves to such eye-catching demonstrations, but they don’t have to. With creative planning, any business can make videos that pull shoppers in. The article offers a few pieces of advice:

  • Budget Doesn’t Matter: While PriveCo spent $15,000 on a series of videos, others get views with far less money. Mountain View Vineyard of Pennsylvania shoots with a smartphone camera to keep costs low.
  • Don’t Advertise: Small companies need to create videos people want to watch, and that means not creating standard commercials. Teach viewers something about your world. Demonstrate how things work in your office, farm, or plant.
  • Listen to the Viewer: What does the viewer want to learn? Look for inspiration in the questions and concerns viewers already have.
  • Let the Young Lead the Way: Companies that are entrenched in old business models need to listen to their junior staffers when it comes to online video marketing “If there is an old-school mentality at a company, they should get a pool of 21-year-olds that are more digitally and socially media savvy,” the AP quotes Brian Metcalf, CEO of GreenRoom, a Miami, Florida-based digital marketing company, as saying.

Do it right and not only with views go up, but revenues will, too.


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