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4 Rules for Getting Multichannel Marketing Right: Gartner

“You have this,” Adam Sarner, research vice president at Gartner assured the audience of his Adobe Summit 2017 presentation. “But you’re going to need some foundational work to make this happen.”

Adam Sarner of Gartner

Sarner’s topic was multichannel marketing, a topic that includes online and video, and is extremely complex to get right. Sarner compared multichannel marketing to a symphony, where each section plays its part and must be controlled by a talented maestro.

Succeeding in multichannel marketing means getting four things right, Sarner said:

  1. Understand the customer.
  2. Determine the rules for market intelligence and engagement.
  3. Build a skilled team ready to execute campaigns.
  4. Appoint a leader, one able to conduct the various channels and command influence.

Those essentials contrast with the four top problems that marketers have in creating multichannel success:

  1. The team has disparate strengths with overlapping fields of responsibility.
  2. There’s a skills gap between the team and what’s needed.
  3. There’s no in-house multichannel marketing expertise.
  4. Coordinating campaigns and collaborating among the internal team is a challenge.

Presenting fresh Gartner data, Sarner showed what channels are now used most often and by what percentage of marketers:

  • Email, 93 percent
  • Web, 62 percent
  • Direct mail, 55 percent
  • SMS, 53 percent
  • Call center, 51 percent
  • Mobile, 49 percent
  • Social, 45 percent
  • Search, 33 percent

It’s important to note that channels are strong for different marketing reasons. Marketers rate social as strong for awareness and advocacy, while websites are best for generating interest and conversion. TV, radio, and print are best for generating interest. Marketers see mobile as equally effective across the board. That’s a problem, Sarner said, as it shows they aren’t sure yet how it’s best used.

Over 80 percent of marketers either have implemented a multichannel campaign or plan to do so within the next two years.

In finishing, Sarner offered four recommendations on differentiating and succeeding with multichannel marketing:

  1. Get three fundamentals right: Understand the customer, set rules and intelligence for orchestrating multichannel, and build a team that can succeed largely through automation.
  2. Solidify the process by clearly defining roles and responsibilities.
  3. Designate a leader with the strategic and tactical skills to succeed.
  4. Audit the campaign applications, especially those responsible for event triggering, and predictive and real-time decisioning.

“You’ve got this. You really can get this,” Sarner assured the audience once again.


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