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3 Beauty Vlogger Tips for Creating Attractive YouTube Channels

Beauty vloggers are hugely successful for influencer marketing campaigns, and a report from ICX Media helps beauty vloggers grow their channels and make them as attractive as can be. According to a recent study by Defy Media, 60 percent of 13- to 24-year-olds would buy a brand recommended by a YouTuber. That group finds YouTube celebs more influential than even TV or movie stars.

The team at ICX Media, a company that helps brands license videos that appeal to targeted audiences, created “The Data Palette” to show beauty vloggers how to use data to grow their YouTube channels. Here are three tips from the report:

  • Don’t Skip Saturday: Beauty vloggers post most often on Wednesday and least often on Saturday. That’s natural, since people feel most productive in the middle of the week and rest on the weekends. Yet, video views are highest on Saturday. That’s when viewers finally have a chance to relax with a little screen time. Posting on Saturdays could lead to big wins: “A simple change in publishing date could help boost the number of views and comments beauty videos get,” the report says.
  • Time of Day Matters: While the day of the week matters for maximizing views, so does the time of day. The afternoon (12PM EST and 1PM EST) are popular times for posting, but videos posted at 5PM EST get more views, while those posted at 8AM EST get more engagement. “The most optimal times and days to post is when your audience has free time available to fully watch your content,” the report says.
  • Max Out on Tags: Adding tags to a video is important for attracting viewers, but most beauty vloggers, especially those just starting out, don’t add enough of them. While beginners average 17 tags per video, videos with 30 to 35 tags get an average of 165,874 views. Successful beauty vloggers use long-tail keywords and specific phrases as tags to help with discoverability.

“In addition to having interesting content and an authentic voice, beauty vloggers must break through the noise and appeal to advertisers, brands, and marketers,” says Sabel Harris, head of marketing for ICX Media. “We analyzed more than 75,000 beauty videos across nearly 2,000 YouTube channels to better understand how these vloggers can grow their followings through data-driven strategies. We now know that Saturdays are the best day to post videos—probably reaching a higher number of subscribers who have more free time on weekends or maybe appealing to millennials and Gen Zers who want to prep for a fun night out.”

For marketers looking for just the right influencer to partner with, ICX offers this advice:

“Without the right tools in place, it can be a bit risky for a brand to work with a beauty vlogger for an influencer marketing campaign,” says Michael Avon, the company’s  founder and CEO. “Unlike a celebrity endorsement, beauty vloggers are newer to the scene with more unknowns. Brands can use ICX Media’s Beauty Vlogger report to identify which vloggers have a keen understanding of how to market and appeal to their audience. Or, alternatively, if a brand discovers a creator with an engaged subscriber base, they can share our insights to help grow their following even more.”

For more tips on the science of beauty vlogging, download “The Data Palette” for free (registration required).


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