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Streamroot Launches Full-Service Hybrid Video Delivery Solution

Streamroot, the leading provider of over-the-top (OTT) streaming optimization technologies, announced today that it has partnered with top-tier content delivery networks (CDN) to offer a hybrid, global streaming solution that improves quality of service and stabilizes delivery costs.

Delivering large amounts of video data to growing audiences requires a robust infrastructure that scales across the world.  Streamroot’s hybrid CDN solution combines the global architecture of industry-leading CDNs with the resilience and scalability of Streamroot’s widely distributed mesh network.

“With a unique solution that leverages the best of our patented peer-accelerated delivery technology and global CDN delivery, our customers can now serve 100% of their traffic via Streamroot,” said Pierre-Louis Theron, Co-Founder and CEO. “In a single, integrated delivery workflow, we are providing enhanced point-of-presence coverage both globally and locally, improved video quality and a means for broadcasters to scale their platforms profitably over the long run.”

The new solution features:

  • A full-service content delivery network including ingest, edge network and server-side analytics for all major video formats (HLS, Dash, etc.).
  • Streamroot patented device-acceleration technology for robust delivery and increased capacity during spikes, as well as more effective targeted in-region and in-country delivery for greater reach worldwide.
  • Intelligent balancing of delivery loads with dynamic multi-sourcing of video fragments between the Streamroot mesh network and HTTP delivery.
  • An intuitive portal that provides insights into overall traffic patterns and delivery efficiency.
  • A flat fee delivery model, for enhanced cost predictability and overall improved margins for OTT customers.

For more information on Streamroot’s new hybrid CDN delivery solution, or its streaming acceleration solutions in general, contact or visit


Streamroot is a leading provider of innovative OTT video optimization technologies for content publishers, network service providers and enterprise customers. Its robust, reliable and lightweight stream acceleration solutions offer improved quality of service, global reach and unique fixed-fee economics. They are based on open standards such as WebRTC, Media Source Extensions and HTML5, and are widely adopted by broadcasters around the world. Founded in 2013 in France, the company today benefits from VC funding and serves premier media groups from its Paris and New York offices.

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