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ACR: Unsure What it Means? Viant Offers a Guide for Marketers

ACR stands for automatic content recognition. It’s in phone apps like Shazam that can identify any song in seconds. It can identify videos, as well, and it’s increasingly important to video marketers. To spell out why, advertising technology company Viant (which is owned by Time Inc.) has released a guide spelling out everything marketers need to know.

Not just for mobile apps, ACR is integrated in connected TVs now, as well. TV makers use ACR to track what viewers are watching and create personal recommendations. Video fingerprinting identifies on-screen images. Audio fingerprinting uses a mobile app to listen to what’s being played on the screen. Both types of ACR require the viewer opt in to data collection.

For marketers, ACR can monitor ad viewing.

“With ACR, advertisers benefit from a wealth of data that outlines exactly which ad, channel, or program a viewer was watching, when, and for how long,” the guide explains. “This means advertisers can eliminate the guesswork and more accurately target, deliver, and measure TV ads and incorporate this data into re-messaging ads that go across a viewer’s personal devices.”

ACR is built into connected TVs from mid-level manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sharp, and Sony, as well as major manufacturers such as Samsung, Vizio, and LG. Viant recommends working with an ACR data provider that draws from both areas to get a better consumer sample.

Marketers should look for a variety of measurements from an ACR provider, Viant says, such as TV viewership, online browsing patterns, and sales, as well as a wealth of offline data through partners. They should also look for real-time reporting so they can fine-tune campaigns when needed.

“With TV advertising spending totaling $70.60 billion in 2016 alone according to eMarketer, one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers is how to maximize the potential of their ads and get the best ROI,” Viant says.

For more on ACR and what it means to marketers, download “An Introductory Guide to TV Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) Technology)” for free (registration required).


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