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3 Tips for Snapchat Brand Success: How to Get and Keep Followers

With 161 million active daily users averaging 18 visits per day, Snapchat is an attractive target for brands, but it has its own rules and can be frustrating. Here are three tips from Snapchat analytics company Snaplytics on how brands can succeed with Snapchat.

1. Promote the Username

The closed nature of Snapchat makes it hard to attract new followers. They have to go looking for the brand, so it’s harder to get exposed to new users than with Facebook or Twitter. Snaplytics found that 64 percent of brand followers added in Q4 2016 added the brand username and chose to follow it. The best way to get consumers to know the brand’s Snapchat username is to promote it on other social networks. Make sure the username is part of the marketing collateral for any promotions. Additionally, 25 percent of brand followers came from scanning Snapcodes.

2. Post Consistently

On average, brands posted 2 or 3 stories per week in Q4 2016. A story is a group of snaps posted less than 2 hours apart. Snaplytics recommends brands stick to a regular posting schedule and keep a consistent tone that reflects the brand. Think of narratives for each story group. Sunday and Monday saw the fewest postings, while Thursday, Friday, and Saturday saw the most. That creates an opportunity for Sunday and Monday postings, Snaplytics says.

3. Let the Audience Guide Duration

What’s the ideal length of a Snapchat story? Since people view snaps at different speeds, there’s no one perfect duration. Brands average 11 snaps per story, Snaplytics finds. Non-governmental organizations have the highest average (17), while advertising and marketing companies average 6 and retail brands average 8. In planning snaps, let the audience be the guide: Do they want long visits or short takes? “The optimal length of your content is solely dependent on the expectation of your followers,” Snaplyitcs says.

Snaplytics’ data came from a survey of 500 brands’ Snapchat activity in Q4 2016. Download the full report for free (registration required).


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