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Target the OTT Viewer: Tru Optik Announces OTT Marketing Cloud

Want to reach connected TV viewers, but only in specific demos? Today at CES, digital media intelligence company Tru Optik announced OTT Marketing Cloud, a suite of integrated solutions for reaching targeted viewers and measuring the results. The standout feature here is that it lets advertisers combine first- and third-party data to drill down to the exact groups they want to reach.

“OTT Marketing Cloud is the first comprehensive solution for data-driven marketing, segmentation, and attribution across over-the-top and connected TV, in particular,” says Andre Swanston, Tru Optik’s CEO.

The OTT ecosystem—meaning long-form video streamed over IP to any device—is now 68 percent connected TV (CTV), 20 percent mobile, and 12 percent desktop, Swanston notes. CTV views are growing quickly, and brands and agencies need a way to reach those viewers. Targeting solutions that involve cookies and SDKs don’t work in the world of game consoles and set-top boxes.

Three groups in particular are especially easy to reach with OTT targeting:

“Any advertiser, whether that’s a brand or an agency, that has a particular interest in reaching millennials, multicultural households, and affluent households—the three groups that over-index the most on connected TV and streaming media—I think it’s pretty critical to have a solution like this,” Swanston said. “The publishers and television networks that are seeing their digital media consumption dramatically shift from desktop and even mobile to connected TV really need to be able to segment their audiences and have more insights so they can better monetize their content.”

While OTT Marketing Cloud is a modular solution, and includes a demand-side platform (DSP), cross-screen audience validation, analytics, and more, all the modules rely on the same core stack so interoperability is a given. “Our entire tech stack is vertically integrated,” Swanston said. What’s more, customers are free to use the whole solution or just the modules they need.

The suite can pull third-party data from Experian, Kantar, Media Source Solutions, and several other partners. Customers can also integrate their own first-party data. Swanston says an announcement on how the suite uses first-party data will come in the next few weeks.

“This will be the most important part,” Swanston said referring to the attribution module. Here, OTT Marketing Cloud shows with a simple chart whether or not advertisers are spending their money wisely and getting the results they want. (For offline attribution the chart is a bit more involved, since Tru Optik needs to examine various segments for lift and then tie the rise back to exposure.)

Since many clients are already locked into vendor relationships and might not want to break them to try Tru Optik, OTT Marketing Cloud can work as either a standalone or additive solution—something brought in to fill a gap. With a la carte modular pricing, there’s little risk to trying it out.

Given that the connected TV ecosystem is still a fraction of total broadband homes, are brands going to have trouble reaching scale when they slice and dice the audience?

“18 months ago, 2 years ago, absolutely,” Swanston said. “The scale of connected TV is dramatically growing. We’re able to see for our granularly-targeted local campaigns or even national campaigns we’re able to get the scale to do a lot of great things.”

Visit Tru Optik for more information.

The Tru Optik OTT Marketing Cloud demographic targeting interface.


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