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Super Bowl Streamers: Who They Are and How to Reach Them

For brands and agencies now planning Super Bowl video campaigns, native ad company MGID has some helpful information. It recently ran a survey on Super Bowl viewing that offers helpful information on reaching online viewers.

While the majority of viewers will watch the game using over-the-air or cable feedds, 16 percent of the audience will stream the Super Bowl, with only 2 percent streaming on a mobile device. Fox Sports is streaming the event this year, with no pay TV authentication required. Millennial viewers are far more likely to stream the game, with 23.2 percent planning to do so compared to 12.9 percent of all other age groups..

Super Bowl commercials are highly rewatchable, and 43.1 percent say they’re likely to rewatch their favorites after the game. Curiously, Blackberry and Samsung phone owners are more likely than iPhone and Google phone owners to rewatch favorite commercials. People who plan to rewatch the commercials overwhelmingly plan to find them on YouTube (62.2 percent).

Digging into the data, MGID found another way that phone owners differ: Samsung phone owners are more interested in watching the Super Bowl live, with 72 percent saying it’s important. Looking at the phone operating systems, 60 percent of BlackBerry users say watching live is important, 54 percent of Android users say so, and 51 percent of iOS users say so.

“The fact that the percentage of millennials who plan to watch the Super Bowl via a streaming service is nearly double that of non-millennials shows that advertisers looking to engage Gen Y should have a heavy focus on digital,” says Michael Korsunsky, CMO for MGID. “Furthermore, the substantial variation in responses when we segment by mobile operating system clearly reinforces fundamental best practices of splitting targeting by device type when running mobile campaigns.”

Research firm Survata created the survey, which interviewed 503 people online earlier this month. For more survey data, see this results page from MGID.


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