Presenting the Most Inspiring, Funny, and Creative Ads of 2016

Video analytics company Ace Metrix knows 2016 has a dark cloud hanging over it. We lost some great musicians and beloved actors. The country was torn apart in a bitter, seemingly endless presidential race.

But let’s remember the good times.

Online video ads were a bright spot last year, as advertisers created novel spots that inspired us, made us laugh, and made us want to share. Ace tallied the spots U.S. consumers found most successful by analyzing the use of emotive words in the comments.

“Emotionally evocative ads, whether heartwarming or inspirational or humorous, are the best at grabbing viewer attention, being persuasive, and influencing in-market behavior,” says Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “Last year was marked by intensely emotional events, and video advertising was in some ways a reflection of this.”

The Olympics provided a perfect backdrop for emotional ads, while some brands chose to tackle social issues. Even the election inspired some impressive ads.

Here then are Ace Metrix’s most moving ads of 2016:

Most Inspirational Ads

(comments included words like “very inspiring,” “motivating,” “empowering,” and “uplifting”)

  1. Nike, Unlimited Scout Bassett
  2. Frosted Flakes, Making of “Let Your Gr-r-reat Out”
  3. Always, #LikeAGirl Keep Playing
  4. Fitbit, Love Fit: Team Hoyt
  5. Microsoft, What are you going to make?

Most Heartwarming Ads

(comments included words like “heartwarming,” “touching,” “emotional,” and “sentimental”)

  1. Hershey’s, Hello From Home: U.S. Olympic Wrestler Jordan Burroughs
  2. Hallmark, Extraordinary
  3. Zappos, Box Home
  4. Toyota, Welcome Home
  5. Procter & Gamble, Thank You, Mom

Funniest Ads

(comments included words like “funny,” “very funny,” “laugh out loud,” and “humorous”)

  1. Cheetos, The Lie Detector
  2. Doritos, Ultrasound
  3. Slim Jim, Grandma
  4. Slim Jim, Jim Skywriting
  5. Hyundai, First Date

Most Creative Ads

(comments included words like “clever,” “creative,” “witty,” and “unique”)

  1. Johnsonville, “Regular Speed Chase” by Brett
  2. Avocados from Mexico, #AvosInSpace
  3. Kohler, Never TOO Next
  4. Audi, Duel
  5. Adidas, Basketball Needs Creators, feat. James Harden


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