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Industry Leaders Offer 2017 TV and Video Outlook for US and UK

What will this year bring online video and TV advertisers? To find out, video advertising technology company Videology spoke to leaders across the industry to create outlooks for North America and the U.K. We present a few highlights below:

How would you describe the state of the video market in 2016? What do you expect to see happen in 2017?

Maria Mandel Dunsche, Vice Presdient and Head of Marketing at AT&T AdWorks: “Programmatic video is seeing a rapid increase in spend as the number of users watching digital video grows. We expect that trend to continue. Ensuring quality and premium video content availability are key issues right now. This is especially true given the huge buy-side demand not currently being met with supply. Add to that the fact that a lot of that supply is user-generated content, which is often not what the buy-side wants, and you get a real challenge.”

In your experience, what kind of video content is most effective?

Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director, Digital at Nielsen: “I’ll steal something from the Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen here. He talks about understanding what type of job you’re trying to do for people. And clearly we’re not always trying to do the same job depending on the brand, campaign, audience or media.

“In a social video environment, which is really meant to be social, I’m doing a job that has to do with communication. If the environment is video reviews, clearly the job is different. And if it’s long form video, we’re talking more about entertainment and a lean back experience. You can certainly look at time spent on each being different, but ultimately they just do different jobs for people.

“Especially for brands, I would say understanding the mindset of the viewer in each of these types of environments is key to its effectiveness.”

Have brands understood how to best leverage the value of data? What can they do better in 2017?

Joe Kyriakoza, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive at Oracle: “Brands are getting better and better at audience planning versus media planning. They’re connecting more deeply with their consumers, and that’s a major shift in how brands have thought about where to spend their dollars. More and more agencies are taking an ‘audience first’ approach. Primarily this is happening in digital, but they’re also starting to translate that to TV where it’s available—and where it is, they are really beginning to force the issue.

“In 2017, brands should focus on finding that sweet spot between campaign scale and targeting accuracy, which is relevant reach. It’s about making sure you know and understand the audience you want to be speaking to and recognize them at scale.”

To read more expert insights, download the full 2017 TV and Video Outlook for North America or the U.K. for free (registration required).


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