Full-Screen Mobile Video Ads Chosen 41.6% of the Time: Smaato

When advertisers buy video ads on mobile devices, they have a strong preference for full-screen interstitial ads. In fact, they choose them 41.6 percent of the time. That data comes from the Q3 2016 Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report issued by mobile ad platform Smaato.

The report summarizes data collected by Smaato’s mobile programmatic advertising platform, which serves up to 300 billion ad impressions each month.

After full-screen interstitial video ads (320×480), the next most popular sizes were medium rectangle (300×250) at 27.5 percent, full screen horizontal (480×320) at 7.3 percent, small rectangle (302×252) at 5.3 percent, and banner size (320×50) at 4.7 percent.

While full-page interstitials were most popular with video ad buyers, they weren’t the ad shown most often to viewers. Smaato found the medium rectangle format got the most ad requests, taking 58.3 percent of all video ad requests for the quarter. So while buyers want full-screen vertical video ads that capture more attention, publishers show more part-screen horizontal ads to their readers.

The Smaato platform saw huge growth in video ad spending in Q3, with a rise of 557 percent over Q2 2016. Video eCPMs were up 62 percent in the same period, while video ad requests shot up 608 percent.

“Given the high-engagement factor of the video format and its utility particularly to brand advertisers, we expect video to continue its high growth adoption in Q4 and into 2017,” the report says.

The report also found that total global ad spending on mobile was up 64 percent in Q3 over Q3 2015, with the strongest growth occurring in North and South America. The majority of mobile ads buys (81 percent) were in-app, while 19 percent were in mobile browsers.

Get the full Q3 2016 Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report for free (registration required).


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