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Online Video + TV Advertising = Ad Dream Team, Says Videology

Young people today watch a lot of online video, but they don’t only watch online video. As Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of video advertising technology company Videology notes, these viewers jump from screen to screen throughout the day, going from online to standard TV and back again. If advertisers want to reach them, they need to take the same approach.

GoogleScreensVideo advertisers have already heard the call, as it turns out. Videology notes that 35 percent of the campaigns on its platform took a cross-screen approach in Q3 2014. Fast forward to Q3 2016 where almost 90 percent of campaigns on the platform used the same strategy.

To convince the 10 percent who haven’t yet seen the light, Videology today debuted a white paper called “Still Mixing it Up,” which offers four case studies of companies succeeding with a cross-screen approach. The paper examines automotive, energy, hotel, and telecom companies.

“Obviously TV’s reach is powerful, and obviously online video’s precision is powerful, but what about the combination of the two?” Ferber asks. “We’ve consistently found that cross-screen video campaigns drive better results for advertisers, regardless of the objective they’re looking to accomplish. The combined approach simply outperforms siloed strategies.”

Of the companies studied, the auto company found that cross-screen targeting resulted in a 52 percent sales lift over demographic targeting, while those who saw the ads were 11 times more likely to purchase a new car than the average customer. The energy company’s TV-heavy approach was oversaturating some viewers while completely missing the vast majority. Adopting a cross-screen approach let it grow incremental reach by more than 100 percent. As for the hotel company, it turned to online ads when TV alone was driving awareness but not sales. Going cross-screen let it reinforce its message with viewers who had seen the TV spots.

For more results, get the full white paper for free (registration required).


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