Adobe Debuts TV Media Management for Online Video Ad Planning

The first challenge for broadcasters was getting their shows and movies on every device. It took years to conquer the multiplatform problem. Now that that’s over, broadcasters would like to make a little money. Thanks to the popularity of ad-free subscription video-on-demand services like Netflix, there are fewer slots available to reach online viewers with ads. And with so many platforms in use, planning ad campaigns is a chore.

adovetvmmThat’s the situation Adobe is aiming to remedy with its newly released TV Media Management (TVMM) platform, an Adobe Primetime offering that lets ad buyers target specific niche viewers and ad sellers forecast with greater accuracy how many views they can supply in particular demos—even several months in advance. At launch, the platform is limited to episodic TV shows, movies, and live sports streamed online. There’s no remnant inventory here, Adobe promises. This is only for planned media buys, not bidded.

While TV ratings have declined for several high profile events, such as NFL games, the Oscars, and the Olympics, overall views have been going up thanks to online streaming, explains Campbell Foster, director of product marketing for Adobe Primetime. The problem now is that ad loads and ad compensation for IP-delivered video haven’t caught up with broadcast. Adobe hopes to solve that.

The platform tackles two areas: ad planning and yield optimization. The planning and forecasting area gives media sellers granular insights into the future availability of specific audiences at specific times. Buyers want to guarantee niche segments perhaps nine months out, and with TVMM sellers can predict availability with 90 percent confidence, Foster says. The platform works in environments that don’t support cookies, such as Roku, and signing up doesn’t require any changes to a company’s existing ad tech infrastructure.

TVMM handles yield optimization by helping reduce media waste. When broadcasters deliver more views for a show than they predicted, those are views they could have monetized. TVMM’s accurate planning is the engine here, as well. For a major broadcaster, reducing waste by 5 percent is serious money, Foster says. In beta testing, TVMM reduced waste by 25 to 30 percent.

TVMM is available now, and can be used by Adobe Primetime customers already onboard with Analytics or Audience Manager. MVPDs have been especially interested, Foster says. It’s been in beta testing for six months, and went live last week. Customers who want a closer look can arrange a demo at CES.

“For the first time, we’re enabling media sellers to forecast and plan campaigns against specific audiences on all of their digital inventory,” Foster adds. “This is the first platform built from the ground up to monetize live linear and on-demand content.”

Watch Adobe’s video, below, for an overview of TVMM.


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