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Young Adults More Likely to Make a Purchase After Viewing a Video

Which age groups are more persuadable by online video? Here’s how it breaks down. Video production company Groundbreak conducted a study, learning how likely people were to make a purchase after viewing a video ad that’s informative.

  • 18-24: 26 percent
  • 25-34: 23 percent
  • 35-44: 24 percent
  • 45-54: 22 percent
  • 55-64: 20 percent
  • 65 and above: 17 percent

Groundbreak’s data centers on helping brands understand how to use online video effectively. It finds, for example, that young adults are more likely to be loyal to a brand after seeing a video ad they enjoy. The young are also more likely to watch YouTube.

MillennialsCompanies that want to get their online video ads shared should make them funny. Humorous videos are shared by 49 percent of respondents. After that comes videos about a topic the viewer cares about (25 percent), content that tells a story (18 percent), emotive videos (13 percent), controversial content (6 percent), and videos with a celebrity (5 percent).

Yes, save your money on high-profile celebrity endorsers, because the report says they don’t work:

“Only eight percent of consumers like video ads that have
a celebrity they like in them and only three percent of consumers would be more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video with a celebrity in it,” the report notes.

If developing brand loyalty is your goal, Groundbreak says online video is an excellent way to do it. For young adults age 18 to 24, 80 percent say video content is a key reason why they develop brand loyalty.

“Businesses looking to video content to promote brand loyalty will have more success,” the report says. “if they produce engaging content with a story, character, or topic that they care about or makes them feel nostalgic

For more stats to build a strategy upon, download the full Groundbreak Productions report (no registration required).


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