Wistia Adds Features to Customize Panel, Giving Control to Brands

Good news for Wistia customers: The online video provider (OVP) that offers marketing features tailor-made for brands and businesses has improved the offerings in its Customize panel.

wistiascreenWistia launched its Customize suite of tools back in 2012, giving customers more control over the videos they share and the experience they offer viewers. As of November 1st, the suite includes these new offerings:

  • Chaptering: With this tool, viewers can jump directly to the part of the video that interests them most, and easily re-watch important parts. The brands gets data about what viewers choose to watch and what they choose to skip.
  • Passwords: With password control, companies can control access to their videos even when those videos are on external pages.
  • Thumbnails: How Wistia went this long without offering custom thumbnail images is a mystery, but at least that’s been remedied. Companies can also customize the colors on their video players.
  • Autoplay: The surest way to drive up views is with autoplay, and now Wistia supports it. Customers can also control the size of play buttons, set the volume, and offer full-screen viewing.
  • Sharing: Viewers can share brand videos with their social networks from directly inside the player.
  • Leads: Video marketers depend on lead collection, and now Wistia supports it. Find out who’s watching and keep them around by suggesting additional videos they might like.

Wistia says its Customize set of tools has been used by 300,000 customers, and has driven over 3 million calls-to-action.

“Video, unlike any other communication channel, has the ability to morph a one-sided conversation into a relatable and humanizing interaction, which is why it’s so appealing for businesses,” says Chris Savage, chief executive officer and co-founder of Wistia. “Each viewer has different needs, and providing options to adjust one’s experience—whether it’s through chaptering, playback speed, or social sharing—is crucial to maximizing the impact of each view.”


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