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Advertise in the A.M.: The Early Video Marketer Gets the Sale

Think prime time is the best time for your online video ad? Think again. Recent research on ad receptivity finds that viewers are more willing to see ads in the morning than the evening.

The two-part study questioned 10,000 people on video consumption, ad receptivity, and ad effectiveness. It rated ad receptivity at a level 59 in the morning, but a 45 in the evening (on a scale of 1 to 100).

clockBut ad receptivity isn’t everything. The same study found that purchase intent is also highest in the morning (meaning between 3AM and noon). The next highest time period is the evening hours (9PM to 3AM).

Before buying those targeted ads, however, know that ad receptivity is highest for tablets in the morning, but highest on phones in the afternoon.

The study also looked at what types of ads viewers prefer. When given the choice of one 30-second ad, two 15-second ads, or three 10-second ads, viewers go for the longer ad. They view this as less interruptive, even though it’s the same length of time.

Perhaps the simplest way to appear to viewers is to create quality video. The study found that video rated as enjoyable also garnered high favorability metrics. Videos viewers liked got a 60 percent favorability rating, whole those they didn’t enjoy got a 15 percent favorability rating.

“Our research shows that, by understanding viewership behaviors, ad receptivity and ad performance insights, publishers can build strategies to better curate content at the right time across the right devices,” says Paul Neto, the study’s senior research director. “Based on these consumer insights, publishers can and should take advantage of new monetization opportunities, particularly as it relates to placing a premium on early mornings where digital ad receptivity is highest.”

For more study results, download the Publisher’s Guide (registration required).


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