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How Video Marketers Can Grab Some of the Rio Olympics Gold

The Olympics are a party that everyone wants to be a part of. To find out just how far a reach the Olympics have, video advertising software company Tremor Video used its Playback Panel to survey 266 adults who regularly watched online video. Here’s a little of what it learned:

  • 80% of Americans plan on watching some Summer Olympics coverage
  • The opening ceremony and medal events get the most viewers
  • Men are slightly more interested in medal events than women are (68% compared to 60%)

Rio-2016The Rio de Janeiro Games will be truly multi-screen. While Americans plan to do most of their viewing at home, they’ll also watch from work or restaurants and bars.

  • 70% of Americans will watch from home
  • 10% will watch from a bar or restaurant
  • 8% will watch from work (men are almost twice as likely to watch from work)

Young adults (millennials) will do less broadcast TV viewing than older adults and more viewing on non-authenticated sites or social media platforms. They’re also more likely to watch on computers, smartphones, and tablets than are older adults.

Advertisers have risen to the opportunity, creating Olympic-themed commercials that people want to watch.

  • 51% say that Olympic ads are more interesting that regular ads
  • 62% like Olympic ads that spotlight an athlete’s story
  • More men than women like ads that focus on an athlete’s success (44% compared to 30%)

Viewers are heavily second-screening while watching the Olympics, providing an opportunity for marketers.

  • 36% use a connected device heavily while watching the Games (not just during commercial breaks)
  • 76% use mobile devices occasionally while watching the Games
  • Millennials are more likely to post on social platforms, watch videos, and surf while also watching the Games

The global media agency Mindshare North America has also looked at how marketers can capitalize on Olympic fever. Using The Pool, its proprietary research tool, it learned the following:

  • 71% of viewers prefer to watch the Games live (74% of men; 60% of those 55 and above)
  • 23% plan to watch some of the Games on a computer
  • 43% of Olympic viewers would watch the Games on a VR headset—if they owned one
  • Olympic viewing is social: 70% of women and 64% of men plan to watch the Games with family or friends

Mindshare also found that viewers enjoy ads that spotlight the athletes:

  • 56% of 18- to 34-year-olds like brands to provide behind-the-scenes information about the teams and athletes.
  • 45% of 18- to 34-year-olds like brands to provide sports tips and advice from athletes.

If this comes too late for your brand’s current campaigns, there’s always Pyeongchang in 2018.


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