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The Two Essential Tools for Brand-Building With Video: Vimeo

When companies realize they need a video marketing strategy, output is usually their first thought: They want to ramp up video production and quickly. But as Anjali Sud, Vimeo’s vice president of global marketing and creator platform, explained at Streaming Media East 2016, volume isn’t the key to success. But she knows what is.

Videolc“For a lot of companies who are thinking about video content, there’s often this push to move quickly and get as much out as possible,” Sud explains. “It’s like, ‘If I can just increase the number of videos out there or my frequency, that’s what’s going to drive results.’ We’ve seen no correlation between effectiveness and just the number of videos.”

There are two important tools that every video marketer should focus on, Sud says. The first is an assortment of customization tools. You need to use calls-to-action (CTA), interactivity, forms, and more to customize the videos you create for both the audience you’re trying to reach and the distribution platform you’re using.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all-content and there are lots of different types of audiences and types of content that works. As a result, when it comes to things like interactivity and calls-to-action, our users want full and total control and customization in every way,” Sud says. “Whether that’s chapters and forms or CTA customization, it’s the tools to truly customize your content based on the platform or the audience.”

Having the tools to customize your videos is crucial, as is having analytics that let you gauge performance. It’s all about the numbers: Study what work and what doesn’t, then constantly iterate.

“I think the other piece is just analytics,” Sud notes. “You’ve got to really invest in content over the long term which means we also need to be able to measure the results of that and make sure your campaigns are effective. Just having really advanced analytics that lets you understand if your campaigns are working, how many users you’ve brought in, what they’re doing, what the ultimate ROI is on that campaign.”

For more from Vimeo’s Anjali Sud, watch the video below:


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