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Social Platforms More Important Than YouTube for Video Campaigns

Marketers rate social platforms—such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter—as more important avenues for digital video distribution than they do video platforms—such as YouTube and Vevo. That finding comes from “The Future of Digital Video,” a research report by Trusted Media Brands (TMB).

TrustedMediaBrandsAfter questioning over 300 media executives, TMB found that agencies favor video platforms (with 62 percent rating them an important partner) while 65 percent of marketers say that social platforms are an important partner.

The report notes that there’s a buzz around Facebook Live, which “has struck a chord with millennials and Gen X alike.” This enthusiasm is driving advertisers’ interest in live online video and social platforms. Of the agencies surveyed, 17 percent said they definitely would use live video in the next year and 71 percent said they might. For marketers, 19 percent said they definitely will use live video and 60 percent might. Facebook Live was the top live video platform for both groups, followed by YouTube Live.

Should ad videos auto-play? Citing anecdotal evidence, the report notes that viewers largely don’t like auto-play, but sees grudging support from ad buyers: 55 percent of those surveyed either agreed completely or somewhat that Facebook’s auto-play model is becoming more accepted for all video.

Expect to see more campaigns coming to online video in the next year. The report finds that budgets for digital video are rising, with 65 percent of agencies and 42 percent of marketers saying their digital video budgets will increase. Agencies say that 26 percent of their total budgets are allocated to digital video, while marketers say that 24 percent of their budgets go to digital video.

The report was created by Rich Sutton, TMB’s chief revenue officer. For more results, including the amount of digital video spending that will go to programmatic offerings, read the full report (no registration required).


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