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Announcing the Besties: Nominate Your Best Work!

Note: The contest deadline has been extended! You now have one more week to show us your best!

We want to see your best, your very best.

It’s a big day for We’re launching a brand new contest, The first annual Besties.

BestiesThe Besties is all about discovering the best video ads around. What really touches viewers? What makes them laugh? What moves them to action?

That’s what the Besties will find out, because this is the only contest determined to uncover the best online video spots online.

The Besties winners will be decided by popular vote. There are no judges here, and no editors. This is all about giving power to the people.

We’re going to find the best online video ads in these five categories:

  • Funniest
  • Most moving
  • Most engaging
  • Most creative
  • Best overall

The Besties has two parts. In the first part, we need video ad creators—whether that’s brands, ad agencies, marketers, or anyone else—to submit their best ads from the past year. Ads need to have been posted on YouTube between July 1, 2015 and August 1, 2016. Use the email link below to send us video’s YouTube URL (it must be on YouTube), the category you’re entering in, and your name and organization. Be sure to include all that information.

We’re gathering submissions from now until September 19 September 26.

In the second part, we’ll create voting pages where viewers can vote for the ads they think best.

So right now we need you to submit your best work or we don’t have a contest. Please send your top video ads to us using the email link below. Do it now before you forget.

Winners will get a framed certificate saying they’re the best, the absolute best. Now what other contest can offer you that?

Only the Besties!

Click here to enter!

Be sure to include your name, organization, YouTube URL, and the category you’re entering in.

Thanks and good luck.


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