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In Facebook Newsfeeds, Ads Need to Learn to Play a Starring Role

Online is a vastly different beast than TV. On TV, commercials fill in the breaks. Online, video needs to attract attention on its own. When videos appear in Facebook newsfeeds, what does it take to get people to stop scrolling and pay attention? Consider the advice of Ricardo Figueira, digital executive creative director at Saatchi and Saatchi London:

Facebook“The social news feed is your personal curation of what’s going on. Suddenly we just jump in—what’s that? What’s going on? Previously, I think the advertising industry was used to creating things for the break, and this is exactly the opposite,” Figueira noted. “You create things that actually become the main program of the moment.”

Figueira was interviewed for a series on the future of advertising. The Facebook newsfeed offers advertisers a rare opportunity to connect with viewers.

“Once you create something that has a deep insight and an interesting way to be catchy, and that fish people—can I say ‘fish people’?—and develop a longer conversation that starts on that point of view, that’s a great opportunity,” Figueira says. “Everything comes in your news feed, so what is the important—what’s the relevance that we can build into an idea that people will care about when you see in your news feed. So that’s the most interesting part of that.”

Advertisers need to consider how they want to create that connection. What shared point of emotion will you use to build a bridge with the viewer?

“When you work with a social news feed, if you become very precise about what you want to raise as a point of empathy with people, I think that’s a very good beginning. And it has been very interesting to see how people react to that,” Figueira says. “You have two opportunities, basically. One is to test your touchpoints that you can maybe investigate around your brand, but also you can invest and see big insights from the social context.”

For more, scroll down to see the full interview.

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